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Are you going round and round in circles trying to figure out how to build a website you love? 

Squarespace vs. Wordpress ... Custom photography vs. stock ... Deciding to build (or overhaul) your website can feel overwhelming.  Want some help getting started and talking through your options?

Let's have a website planning party! 

From choosing the right platform to mapping out your website pages, let's jump on a free 30 minute call to help you answer all your website questions!

Erin gets what you are saying before you even finishing saying it and has formulated a plan for action. It’s a combination and thrilling and exhausting to see how fast she moves and how much she gets done.
— Heather Box, Co-Founder, Million Person Project

Before + After Case Studies

One Treasure Island

I worked with One Treasure Island to overhaul their website and make it more user friendly. They had a ton of great information that needed to be organized for a better user experience. By overhauling their copy and adding some lifestyle imagery, we were able to better tell their story. 

Some of the things we added:

  • Online Event Calendar

  • One Click Email + Form Submissions

  • Icons and lifestyle imagery

  • Titles and page formatting to make it easier to read

  • Integrated their existing donation process with their website so the user never had to leave the site

We were in need of a complete website redesign. What we got with Erin was so much more. Erin really brought out the brand messaging we had been after for so long but never could agree on. And challenged us to stay focused on the message all through out the process with the “less [words] is more” concept.
— Fine Line Contsruction, San Francisco, CA

Kim Chambers

Kim reached out for help with her website because as her brand had evolved over the years, her website had not. We worked to create a streamlined navigation to make it easy to find all of her many projects. 

With a clean, modern design and imagery that showed Kim in her element (the water), her brand really came to life. 

One of our challenges was getting all of her swims and appearances in the press to be easily organized and detailed without an overwhelming amount of text or design. 

Now Kim has a website that showcases all of her latest projects and really reflects her brand.

Not only did Erin completely revamp and refresh my entire website design, but most importantly, she worked with me to extract the essence of my messaging helping me to more clearly articulate my brand. I was so impressed with her ability to very quickly understand my needs and goals, and efficiently utilize our sessions to complete these deliverables.
— Kim Chambers

Genuine nannies

More times that not, a website redesign is really a brand overhaul. I worked with Amy at Genuine Nannies to not only update the look and feel of her website, but to focus on how her business runs. 

Some of the things we did:

  • Created icons and imagery to tell her story

  • Worked on time blocking and staffing to support her as a business owner

  • Updated internal processes

  • Set sales goals, tracking, and updated pricing

  • Streamlined the website navigation to create a clear, direct call to action/user experience

Susie bergman