Episode 4: Steph Jagger | Intuition + Giving Yourself Permission

about this episode

What Cheryl Strayed did for hiking, Steph Jagger did for skiing.  After working her way up the corporate ladder, Steph quit her job, took a second mortgage on her house, sold everything except her ski equipment and laptop, and bought a plane ticket.  

Steph left her safe life in pursuit of a calling, broke a world record for “the most vertical feat skied in one year," and has never looked back.  

I'm asking her about what it is like do things everyone else thinks are crazy and what it take to put all of yourself out in the world without any guarantee of success. And she is dropping truth bombs like only Steph Can.

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episode Highlights:

  • How she quit her corporate job to travel the world

  • Why the female narrative needs to change

  • The importance of being grateful but still wanting more

  • How to share your crazy dream with skeptical friends and family

  • Joy vs fear based intuition

  • How she applies the rule of 3s

  • The one thing women everywhere can do to change the world