Episode 9: Shayna Telesmanic | Slowing Down + Showing Up

About This Episode

Shayna Telesmanic (often known as “Chef Shayna")  is a busy woman ... from owning her own business, to hosting a weekly cooking segment on Fresno’s ABC 30, to chasing after two little ones.

But she is on a mission to find joy in the moment while unapologetically pursing her goals as she grows into the next chapter of her life and business.

Shayna is letting us look behind the curtain, sharing her professional journey from finding herself in a new town with no idea what she was going to do that led to her establishing herself as a leader in the community - as well as her personal journey in finding the importance of slowing down, showing up, and being present in the moment.

In this episode we are talking about how she runs her business, how she shares domestic responsibilities with her husband, the example she wants to set for her daughters, how she found her passion and launched her business, as well as where she finds her own identity as a wife, mother, business owner, and woman on a mission.

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episode Highlights

  • Why she decided to learn how to transition from being a "do-er" to finding happiness in just being

  • Her motto of "do one right thing"

  • The importance of prioritizing when balancing life as a mother + business owner

  • What she wants to model for her two girls about being a woman

  • Balancing domestic responsibilities with her husband

  • Keeping communication open with your partner

  • Relocating to a new city + rebuilt her career and community

  • How found her calling from fashion to food

  • What she had to sacrifice to get the business off the ground

  • Lessons she wished she new when she started her business

  • The next big challenge she is setting for herself + her business