Episode 6: Nova Goldberg | Overcoming Shame

About This Episode

It's not everyday you get to interview your old therapist. But after years on Nova's couch I am so excited to share her wisdom.

If you've ever struggled with the shame game (because who hasn't) or  you have an inner critic who is a total asshole, then this is the episode for you! 

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episode Highlights:

  • How to accept yourself as enough even when you get it wrong

  • Overcoming negative self talk + controlling our thoughts

  • How to stop your the inner critic when they are being an asshole

  • Putting an end to the shame game because shame will never create change

  • How to choose the right therapist

  • Why we should stop trying to be super woman

  • The importance of having a community to rely on

  • How to say no without feeling like a bad person

  • Nova's journey from seeing herself as a therapist to seeing herself as a business woman