Episode 2: Lisa Abramson | Avoiding Burnout

About This Episode

For all of us who tend to burn the candle at both ends, Lisa's story of strength and vulnerability is such an amazing lesson that perspective and self care are crucial to our success – something she learned the hard way.


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episode Highlights:

  • The life lesson she keeps having to learn

  • Her dream of being interviewed by Oprah and how that motivated her to write her new book Wise Mama Guide

  • How she co-founded her company Mindfulness Based Achievement and what you can learn from what she did

  • Making the leap and deciding to leave the security of a 9-5 job

  • Learning how to accept support the hard way and where she finds it

  • The importance of her mastermind group and tribe of badass ladies

  • Her personal journey through motherhood and experience with postpartum depression and psychosis

  • What she is doing to prepare for baby number 2

  • The practice of self compassion and why we all need it even if it’s uncomfortable