Episode 8: Laura Harrison | Change Your Home, Change Your Life

About This Episode

Laura is an organizer/design on a mission to help you calm the chaos of your home and life and has fundamentally changed how I relate to my stuff and what I “need.” 

In our conversation Laura is sharing her no nonsense, practical tough love on how to let go of excuses and make the changes you need to live your best life ... but she is also sharing the behind the scenes of how she started her own business 7 years ago.

We're really going there with topics like pricing, competition, how Laura shuts down her inner critic and balances the pressures of being a working mom. 

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episode Highlights:

  • How she manages wearing so many hats (hint there is time blocking involved)

  • The importance of taking control of your physical environment

  • How your external space affects your internal state

  • Letting go of excuses

  • Using your stuff in new ways to tell your story

  • The pressure to portray the perfect life

  • Why everyone could benefit from therapy

  • Where and how she gets support

  • Managing the entrepreneur rollercoaster

  • Giving and receiving tough love

  • How she manages being a working mom and family/business roles + responsibilities

  • Pricing - owning your value as a business owner

  • Taking control back and letting go of excuses

  • How she shuts down her inner critic