Episode 7: Kim Chambers | Pushing Limits + Smashing World Records

About This Episode

Kim is a world record breaking athlete with a very untraditional path to getting there. After a freak accident left her 30 minutes away from amputating her leg, she was given a 1% chance of ever walking again. 

Unwilling to accept her diagnosis she worked to rehab her leg and this woman went from not being a swimmer to raising the bar world wide for women's athletics.

But we're talking about more than just swimming, we're digging deep behind the scenes with conversations about body image, being a female role model, the importance of discipline, how to ignore the nay-sayers, and why you should push your limits to become your best self.

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Podcast Highlights:

  • Why her accident was the best thing that ever happened to her

  • How she trains and prepares for her swims (she even shares her daily schedule)

  • Body image - how putting on and shedding 40+ pounds for her arctic swims (she doesn’t wear wet suits)

  • Why she appreciates her body for what it is capable of doing

  • How she manages her full time day job as well as her full time swimming

  • What it's like to be a female role model

  • Where she finds her community and support

  • Stories from her most famous swims

  • Facing fears and breaking through things that feel uncomfortable

Want to know more about Kim? 

Check out this video interview with Seeker, a Discovery Channel series of short online documentaries on rituals with journalist Laura Ling, about the types of cathartic things extraordinary people do on a fairly regular basis.