What Is A Woman On A Mission?

San Francisco: The land of startups, gourmet coffee shops, and endless entrepreneurs. Those mysterious people who seem to never go to the office and believe that if they put in the blood, sweat, + tears there is a way to make their dreams a reality. 

What about all of the women? I’m not just talking about female entrepreneurs or women in tech. I mean the women who are breaking out + using their voice to say things should be different. These are women on a mission.

Brave enough to shake up the status quo and live life on her own terms.

The purpose of creating Women On A Mission, a podcast telling the stories of women living life on their own terms, is to share the stories and insights of incredible women who are 100% unapologetically themselves in the hope that it inspires other women to boldly be who they are. 

When you are just getting started, it’s often just you. Building your website, finding clients, working out pricing + packaging. Getting excited about new opportunities then self sabotaging when you are overcome with self doubt.

It can feel impossible and overwhelming to follow your own path or buildout a business. Let alone the near impossible task of finding the confidence to things differently. Which begs the question, can you really do it alone? 

My own personal girl gang is full of women who pursue what they believe to be right and combine their passions + professions in the process.  They are a group of women full of stories about heart, women helping women, and business tips + tricks.

It is often times your own women on a mission who not only encourage, challenge, and celebrate you in the good times but also inspire you in the bad.

Something magical happens when strong women come together to lift each other up. I was lucky enough to find these women who have picked up up, pushed my limits, and helped me find my voice. And I'm not sure I could have done it on my own. 

The world doesn't just need your voice as a woman or female entrepreneur, the world needs your voice as people.

From moms to millennials - we need to own our voice. Because the journey isn't always easy, but it's easier together. I started with a photo shoot and interview series to celebrate and share the stories of the women I most admire.