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2018: A Year Of Sisu

Sisu is a Finnish word that doesn't have a direct translation. It roughly means extraordinary courage, endurance, will power, determination, and resolve. It is the potential within yourself that is able to see beyond your present limitations. 

Sisu is the knowing that helps you overcome adversity and drives you on a journey - one that often defies logic. So obviously I was curious and needed to learn more about this word.

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2017: A Year of TRUST

New Year’s goal planning is one of my favorite times of the year. A time to turn the page, start a new chapter, and set intentions for the coming year.

But following through on resolutions is a different story. So instead of setting myself up for failure I started picking a theme for the year. Something to focus on instead of achieve.

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2016: A Year Of Love

As I sit with the possibilities of next year - I’m challenged to image a life that I really LOVE living. Which leaves me with wondering what do I really love? 

The thing I am most proud of is the relationships I’ve cultivated.  But somewhere along the way I think I forgot to invest in my relationship with me. So what does it look like if 2016 is a year about loving me?

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