Shelly Cross is A Woman On A Mission

Honest. Creative. Loyal.

We all know how much pressure there is to look good as a woman. I was in need of a change but wasn't sure where to go. I found Shelly through my friend Jill's instagram. I walked in and asked her to cut 10 inches off my hair. What I got was much more then a haircut.

Shelly has an innate sense of who she is and she makes it okay for you to show up exactly as you are. She exudes a sense of confidence that must have been forged in a fire because it isn't overly cocky or humble. It just is. 

She inspires me to be more of myself simply because she expects that of herself. She is honest and kind and present. I went in looking for a better haircut and I left a slightly better person. Obviously I keep going back. Who wouldn't?

In Her Own Words

Who I Am: I'm am mama outside of work. My son Oak is my world. He is literally the best thing I have ever done. 

How I Got Here: I spent so much time trying to figure out what I love. I was not one to have a job that I just "worked" at. I wanted to be fulfilled and happy in everything I did. 

What I Do:  I'm a Hair Stylist and Colorist at Barrow Salon In SF. Im really passionate about what I do. Hair just makes me happy. I've worked really hard and continue to push myself in the hair game. You have to be driven and have passion in this line of work. It can be really hard but you have to pick up and keep moving. 

Q&A With Shelly

What does balance look like? That's the ultimate question that a struggle with daily. To me it looks like good health, exercise, success, love, friendship, family, and personal growth. I feel like if I hit at least 3 of those I'm doing ok. 

What does doing things differently look like to you? Asking for help. When I fail or when Im succeeding. I'm my biggest critic. It's scary and hard but, in the end something always good come from it.

How do you start and end your day? . I start my day cuddling with my son and a giant cup of coffee. I find that the older I get the more I like to be up early. Which these days starts around 6:30. It's quite and I get some special time with my son while my husband sleeps. Then off to work.

Most nights I end the day reading "Little Blue Truck" before tucking my ginger bean in to bed. Then it's usually laying on the couch with my husband and I fighting over sports or dateline.  

What part of your work do you enjoy the most? The community. The space I get to work in. The freedom to create. The happy clients that I look forward to seeing regularly. There can't be one for me. I'm just to grateful. 

What is your message to the world/entrepreneurs/mothers/girls? When I be came a mother the best advise I herd was " It can wait!" It really can! Being present in your life is more fulfilling. I really try to remind myself of this in everything I'm doing. If I'm not good to myself, I'm probably not being good to others.