Katie Fritts is A Woman On A Mission

Strong. Driven. Resilient.


In Her Own Words:

Who I Am: I’m a relentless entrepreneur fueled by curiosity and a desire to build things. I’m a loyal friend, lover of all things outdoors, and extremely type-A when it comes to organization, cleanliness and efficiency.

Whether i’m in the office or out on a weekend I’m frequently tinkering with ideas to do something better or smarter than it’s being done- some call it critical… yes, i can be (well-intentionally) critical.

What I Believe: Hard work and perseverance, and the support of amazing friends and family. I’m a sole founder and wouldn’t be able to make this happen without a strong support system- those who have generously given me their time and expertise, shared their experiences and advice, and cheered my successes and gave big hugs during struggles.

What I Do: I started Underclub, a designer to door lingerie subscription that introduces women to new underwear designers and styles. Shopping for underwear is a pain in the ass and no one remembers to do it, so we made it fun, exciting and sexy to update your underthings.

How I Got Here: Building Underclub from the ground up is my passion- this has been the most fun, challenging, intellectual, frustrating and rewarding experience yet. And I’m also incredibly passionate about health and fitness- being physically strong and in shape provides so much of the energy I need to be able to work as hard as I do in other parts of my life.   

{Q&A with Katie}

What is your message to the world? You’re more resilient than you think. Taking the leap to start Underclub was terrifying- I just graduated business school where the M.O. is to get a job with more status, salary, and identifiable career trajectory.

Instead I was transitioning from a respected career in finance to selling underwear with no guarantee that enough people wanted the idea I was selling. On top of that, I was putting a vision that represented me out into the world to be analyzed and critiqued.

Comments about Underclub hit on a personal level of what I value most about myself- my ideas, my intelligence, my ability- I feared that hearing negative comments would kill me or shame me into depression.

Lessons learned: First, the world is not a cruel place, and along with critiques and doubts come praise, awe and empathy. Second, nothing has done more for my self-confidence more than realizing what I can achieve and what I can survive when I put myself out there.


What most excites you? Potential- we’re so early stage and there’s so much that we’re yet to discover and learn as we build the company.


What’s are your favorite life hack?  Working out in the morning. It gets you out of bed, energizes you for the day, and you can be completely committed to yourself and your own thoughts before emails and phone calls start coming in.


What does balance look like? Enjoying the moment I am living, and not letting in other distractions. When work worries creep in when I’m out with friends, I have a mental conversation with myself asking “Is now the best time to think of a way to fix what I’m worrying about? Ok, so shelve the worry for the moment.”


What part of your work do you enjoy the most? Talking with our members. I initially feared the customer service component of a consumer facing business, but found I absolutely love getting this direct feedback because it helps me understand the difference I’m making (or need to make) with our company.

Nothing makes me happier than getting a personal note from a member about how much joy we brought to their week with our deliveries; similarly, nothing makes me more motivated to improve our product than someone’s frustration with how a new feature is surprisingly unintuitive.


What is your favorite quote? “Chance only favors a prepared mind,” referring to the  ‘almost accidental way in which we discover things’- I think you can get lucky, but you have to be working hard and testing everything to finally stumble upon these chances and opportunities.

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