Welcome To The Mastermind!

How To Use The Portal:

I wanted to create a space to hold all the things that are happening.  Each month you can expect a group call that will be recorded and available in case you can't make a session or if you want to go back and re-listen. I'll also set aside time for you to ask any specific questions or clarify how to apply a concept. 

If you can't make the call, a recording will be sent out or you can make an appointment during office hours to ask your questions  Over the next 6 months we will have calls, classes, video training, and guest speakers to help you learn how to:

  1. Target and grow the right audience
  2. Create effective and impactful marketing content
  3. Understand analytics and drive drive traffic
  4. Action plan to support proactive sales and lead gen
  5. Best practices and tools to work smarter, not harder

Also I suggest that you book your 2 hour strategy session when you know your schedule. They will be on a first come, first serve basis so make sure you get your desired time slot!

Meet Your Group