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Ann Arora

Corporate Mindfulness Master // Pscho Therapist // Keynote Speaker

Goal: Launch a corporate mindfulness training program that is both scalable and profitable without compromising the mindfulness element

Super Power: Ability to connect

Ask Her To Help You: Get unstuck or practical strategies


Brooke Bryand

Commercial Lifestyle Photographer  //  Brining Your Brand To Life

Goal: Develop the tools and practice of proactive sales to feel confident pitching services to corporate clients (goal at least 1 new client by Aug)

Super Power: Translate intentions + goals into visual imagery 

Ask Her To Help You: With copywriting, marketing ideas, or pricing questions


Nancy Panter

SubRosa Winery Owner // Board Member // Former PR Pro // Mum

Goal: Launch new website and grow the SubRosa Wine Club membership.

Super Power: Can turn the smallest piece of info into a great story/pitch.

Ask Her To Help You: Find your PR story/pitch


Jen Baxter

Creative Brainstormer // Content Creator // Writer // Power Networker


Super Power:  Active listener and problem solver. 

Ask Her To Help You:  I love telling stories that immerse people in the lifestyle you want them to experience. Making them feel something inside that clicks. 


shannon shearn

Personal Trainer // Weight Management Specialist // Retired Circus Acrobat


Super Power:  

Ask Her To Help You: 


Kelli Adame

Depth Psychotherapist // Relationship Coach  //  Love Bravely, Expect Miracles


Super Power: 

Ask Her To Help You: 



Deb KerN

Health Scientist // Women's Wellness Expert


Super Power: 

Ask Her To Help You: 


Jillian Littlejohn

Business Automation Badass // World Traveler

Goal: Create a lineup of great clients I love working with.

Super Power: Problem solving and creating effective, efficient, sometimes outside the box solutions to make your life easier.

Ask Her To Help You: Anything! I love getting to know new people and businsses. 

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Alex Chudik: Inbound marketing

Sounds fancy, but what is inbound marketing anyway? 

From SEO to content strategy, email marketing to customer journey's inbound marketing is the art of finding and keeping new clients. 

Who Is Alex?

As the Head of Marketing and Business Development for Startups.co, Alex has been helping businesses of all sizes and stages find and connect with their ideal clients. From google analytics to email marketing, she is the brains behind multichannel marketing campaigns. 


Ashely Holmes: Digital AdvertiSing

From Facebook to Instagram, paid advertising is a great way to get in front of new people who may not know about you or your services. By using digital advertising you can send targeted, geo/demographic relevant traffic to your website. 


Shannon Kuykendall, Lead generation

You mean I can use LinkedIN to get new clients ?? 

Looking to get in front of those decision makers to get your next client, speaking gig, or product launch? 

Dust off that profile you haven't updated in 5 years, Shannon is about to show you how to use LinkedIN to find new clients.   

Untitled design.jpg

Jillian Littlejohn, Business automation

What is this automation stuff and why do I need it?  

Basically business automation is like magic fairy dust for your business. It is what allows your business to run without you being a slave to your inbox.

Personally all that data makes my head want to explode which is why when I need things to run smoothly in my business I turn to Jill. 

Let's Have A Virtual Hangout!

From cocktails and conversations to group office hours, let's find time to get to know each other better, collaborate, and make magic happen. Have an idea you want to see on the calendar? Let me know. Have an event you want to host ... let's do it!


Past Video Calls


Cocktails + Conversation

This virtual happy hour is a chance to get to know the other ladies in the group. From motherhood to marketing, let’s talk about our life and work. I’m a big believer that we should be our whole selves to what we do and that when we better understand each other we can give more impactful advice and support. Pour your favorite cocktail join us online!

Monthly Video Calls

Each month we get together to talk about a theme and support each other in growing in our goals. Have something you need help with? Speak up! Have a great idea for someone in the group? Share it!

Guest expert advice

Did you miss a call with one of our guest experts? No problem! Check back here and you can get all the on-demand support you want. Have something you really want to learn about? Don’t forget to put it in your goals each month!




Brand Value Worksheet

Want help writing a compelling sentence that explains what you do, who you help, and why anyone should care? Download the brand value worksheet and let the brainstorming begin.

(** Pro-Tip: works best with a bottle of red wine and friends)

Taking action worksheet

Most of the time getting started is the hardest part. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the feeling that you need to do it all. Whether you are prone to avoiding your to do list or overcommit to what you can really do - all you have to do is keep your end goal in mind and just do 1 thing.

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