Life On Your Own Terms 

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In a world that asks us to fit in, be brave enough to stand out!

It's the little moments that occur everyday that create ripple effects and have the ability to transform people, societies, and the world.

I mean, if we aren’t going to write ourselves as the heroine of our story why should someone else do it for us?

But all of that starts with deciding to show up as our whole selves - the messy, awesome, sometimes unsure but always a beautiful work in progress parts.



“Love listening to this podcast!! It's so refreshing and inspiring to hear women speak openly about what really matters.”


What’s Your Mission?

From moms to millennials we want to help you to show up 100% unapologetically yourself …to own your voice and live life on your own terms.


Changing the world starts with changing ourselves.


Our lives are a compilation of stories we tell ourselves. Stories about who we are and who we are not, what we have or haven’t done and what we deserve.

If you want a different ending, rewrite the story. After all, it’s your life … you can change it if you want to.


What Is A Woman On A Mission:

1. a person undertaking a task she considers important
2. a person who is fiercely determined to get what she wants

We Are A Community Of Women Who

  • Believe change starts with us

  • Speak up about what we don’t agree with

  • Celebrate, champion, and challenge each other

  • Take risks + live life on our own terms

  • Celebrate progress, not perfection

  • Disrupt the status quo + escape average

  • Find our own way of doing things

  • Live our story the way we want it told