What Is The Mastermind + why you should join

This year I created a 6 month mastermind program for mission driven women who are looking to grow their audience, launch a new product, increase sales, and put their brand story out into the world.

Just imagine having someone to call to help you write that difficult client email, create a proposal for your latest sales opportunity, and push you to launch big things this year!

This isn't your typical mastermind - it's a personal, high touch experience. We're not talking about monthly group calls that leave you alone all month staring at your computer wondering where to start. I'm there with you each step, each week through the process with individual strategy sessions and office hours.

This mastermind is focused on getting sh*t done ... which means by the end you should have actionable results. 3 women in the last mastermind launched brand new websites! 

If you know your business is capable of more and are a looking to play a little bigger, I want to help!

So what exactly Is The Mastermind?

With my next one launching at the end of the month I've been getting a lot of questions about what exactly it is and why anyone should join one. So I thought I would break it down (or you can learn more here).

The short answer:

6 months of on demand branding and marketing strategy for $583 a month ($3500). 

The slightly longer answer:

A group of awesome women who are are committing to a goal for the next 6 months.

What kind of goals?

2 of the ladies are launching courses, one is trying to grow her wine club, and we have a creative who is looking to launch corporate workshops. Together we are helping keep each other accountable for what we want to put out into the world.

Each month has a curriculum to give you the skills you need to launch your product or grow your audience. Think content ideas, guest experts, sales strategy - the works. This will come in the form of group calls, weekly emails, and workbooks. 

But you'll also be setting personal goals and working on them in the form of individual strategy session and weekly office hours to get immediate answers to your questions.

I'm keeping the group under 10 people to make sure everyone gets the personal attention they need but there are 4 spots left !! 

The long answer:

This 6 month program is designed to offer you on-demand brand strategy, monthly group calls to develop your community, weekly emails to educate you on best practices to grow your business, and guest experts to do deep dives into different areas of marketing.

How It Works:

  • At the beginning you'll create a focus for the next 6 months. What do you want to launch into the world before the end of the year?

  • Each month we have a group call with a focus. This is a chance to help each other out, share ideas, and keep learning new ways to grow our community and our businesses.

  • In addition you'll schedule a monthly 2 hour strategy session to dig deep into your brand goals. We'll work on both strategy and implementation so you have the support you need to keep moving forward.

  • But things come up everyday in your business - so you have access to weekly office hours. These 30 minute calls are great for when you need a little inspiration, a kick in the pants, or just on demand help with the latest opportunity in your business.

The Extras:

  • Weekly emails with videos and handouts

  • Guest experts to dig into different areas of marketing

  • A slack community to reach out and connect with other Women On A Mission