women on a mission

what would you sacrifice for your beliefs?

It only takes one moment for our whole worlds to change. We can go from married to divorced, healthy to sick, employed to unemployed with a phone call. In a world of texts, tweets and posts, we are inundated with words - but what about our actions? Quit your job? Sell your car? What about shave your head?

Shelly Cross is A Woman On A Mission

Honest. Creative. Loyal.  Shelly has an innate sense of who she is and she makes it okay for you to show up exactly as you are. She exudes a sense of confidence that must have been forged in a fire because it isn't overly cocky or humble. It just is.  She inspires me to be more of myself simply because she expects that of herself. She is honest and kind and present. 

What Is A Woman On A Mission?

Something magical happens when strong women come together to lift each other up. The purpose of creating Women On A Mission is to share the stories and insights of incredible women in the hope that it inspires other women to find and pursue their missions.  But what is a woman on a mission?

Jill Spratt is A Woman On A Mission

Wholehearted. Purpose Driven. Love.  Jill is one of those people with such a big heart, she leaves a little kindness everywhere she goes. Her genuine spirit can be seen in her infectious laugh and the way she stays grounded by what she most values: family. Regardless of what life throws her way, Jill finds the silver lining she needs to get sh*t done.

Devin DeMartini Cooke- a Woman On A Mission

Earth Lover. Jungle Baby. Life-long-learner.  Meet Devin. Devin believes that we are gifted so many chances in this life to do wonderful things, in very normal ways.  The things we do, the choices we make, and the risks we take for happiness and more importantly for love – of family, of friends, of what we believe to be just and kind, of the heart – will change us.

Changing The Status Quo

I love the current conversation that is happening in the media right now around women owning their value. But I wonder, is it enough?  In a girl powered world that is fighting unrealistic beauty standards, demanding equal pay and encouraging us to #runlikeagirl because "strong is the new pretty", then why are we being subtly shamed for being too much? And are we being shamed? Or are we shaming ourselves?

Why I Wrote "Dear Little Girl"

I recently made a short film for little girls - or as I like to think about it, the little girl in all of us. When asked why I made it the answer was easy: it was the message I wished I had learned. That it is okay to be all of yourself and follow your own path even if that means it looks different, or that you are loud, bossy, or just overall a little "too much."

Dear Little Girl

You Life Is Still ... To Be Determined

I wrote a letter to a little girl, telling her all the things I wish I had known in the hopes that she could learn them a little easier, or faster then I had.

Maybe she is your little sister, or your best friend’s daughter, or even a letter to yourself.