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What Is The Mastermind + why you should join

Just imagine having someone to call to help you write that difficult client email, create a proposal for your latest sales opportunity, and push you to launch big things this year. This mastermind is focused on getting sh*t done ... which means by the end you should have actionable results. If you know your business is capable of more and are a looking to play a little bigger, I want to help!

Tools I Love: Acuity Online Scheduling

The reason I am such a big advocate for having online scheduling is the power it gives you to live life on your own terms and the freedom that comes from knowing you able to connect with your clients without being a slave to your email. And in my experience, Acuity Online Scheduling*  is the clear winner in the online scheduler world. 

Valentine's: Lesson In How To Brand Yourself

What does your brand have in common with Valentine’s Day?  Hopefully not much, because Valentine’s Day has a branding problem!

Every good brand experience starts with a business that really knows who they are, the value they offer, and who they help.

But maybe your brand is like Valentine’s Day.  A bit misunderstood. This year, let us help you get some.  Brand love that is.

The Life Of A Creative Brand Strategiest

Brand Workshops, Client Websites, + A New Podcast … oh my. I get asked all the time, “So, what do you actually do?” The short answer is that I work with clients on their brand strategy, website design, and creative marketing campaigns. 

But my work is really about helping mission driven women launch and grow their projects or companies. 

Yoga ... A Lesson In Brand Marketing

I've dabbled in my fair share of downward dogs, but getting my butt to yoga is more of an emotional hurdle than a logistical one.

Sound like your brand marketing?  An emotional chore and somewhat inconsistent.

Regardless of whether you prefer Vinyasa Flow or Bikram ... Social Media or Traditional Marketing, here are a few things you can learn from some challenging yet oh-so-simple yoga poses.

Brand Lessons From The Ice Bucket Challenge

From UsWeekly to Forbes, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is being talked about everywhere.

Not to mention it is probably taking over your Facebook news feed.

Whether it is inspiring you, annoying you, or just making you cold, the ALS ice bucket challenge is getting people involved, engaged, and getting them to spread its message.

This is something not only most brands want ... it is something most brands fail to do.