Branding vs. Marketing vs. Sales … + why it matters

When it comes to starting or running your own business, it’s important to spend your time and money on what will drive your business forward.

If you find worlds of branding, marketing, and sales to be mysterious, overwhelming, or down right complicated, here is a high level break down of the difference between branding, marketing and sales to help you figure out where you should spend your time to grow your business.

What Is The Mastermind + why you should join

Just imagine having someone to call to help you write that difficult client email, create a proposal for your latest sales opportunity, and push you to launch big things this year. This mastermind is focused on getting sh*t done ... which means by the end you should have actionable results. If you know your business is capable of more and are a looking to play a little bigger, I want to help!

what would you sacrifice for your beliefs?

It only takes one moment for our whole worlds to change. We can go from married to divorced, healthy to sick, employed to unemployed with a phone call. In a world of texts, tweets and posts, we are inundated with words - but what about our actions? Quit your job? Sell your car? What about shave your head?

Tools I Love: Acuity Online Scheduling

The reason I am such a big advocate for having online scheduling is the power it gives you to live life on your own terms and the freedom that comes from knowing you able to connect with your clients without being a slave to your email. And in my experience, Acuity Online Scheduling*  is the clear winner in the online scheduler world. 

The Power Of Your Choices

It’s amazing how easy it is to have a strong opinion about something that is clearly wrong. Something that violates your moral compass so much you can’t help but speak out or take a stand. 

But what about when it isn’t so clear cut? It’s so much harder to make up your own mind or take a stand when there is an ethical gray zone. 

Often times it’s easier to give up your personal responsibility, make excuses to justify your wants and move the needle of what you would otherwise believe is right or wrong.

Valentine's: Lesson In How To Brand Yourself

What does your brand have in common with Valentine’s Day?  Hopefully not much, because Valentine’s Day has a branding problem!

Every good brand experience starts with a business that really knows who they are, the value they offer, and who they help.

But maybe your brand is like Valentine’s Day.  A bit misunderstood. This year, let us help you get some.  Brand love that is.

2018: A Year Of Sisu

Sisu is a Finnish word that doesn't have a direct translation. It roughly means extraordinary courage, endurance, will power, determination, and resolve. It is the potential within yourself that is able to see beyond your present limitations. 

Sisu is the knowing that helps you overcome adversity and drives you on a journey - one that often defies logic. So obviously I was curious and needed to learn more about this word.

Going Global: See you on the flip side 2018

Women On A Mission started as a project to share the wisdom and stories of the women who helped me on my journey. I want Season 2 to be more about diversity, to show the true spectrum of what it means to be a woman living life on her own terms.

Over the next 12 months, I’ll be traveling abroad interviewing women for Season 2and continuing to work with my clients with on brand strategy, website design, and creative marketing campaigns.

Shelly Cross is A Woman On A Mission

Honest. Creative. Loyal.  Shelly has an innate sense of who she is and she makes it okay for you to show up exactly as you are. She exudes a sense of confidence that must have been forged in a fire because it isn't overly cocky or humble. It just is.  She inspires me to be more of myself simply because she expects that of herself. She is honest and kind and present.