Changing the world starts with changing ourselves.

Together let's rewrite the story and start living life on our terms.

It's the little moments that occur everyday that create ripple effects and have the ability to transform people, societies, and the world. I mean, if we aren’t going to write ourselves as the heroine of our story why should someone else do it for us.

But all of that starts with deciding to show up 100% unapologetically ourselves. Together we can rewrite the story.

Our Story

If you’re like me, you probably find aha moments, bonding, and insights from the women you most admire (usually sitting in the living room over a bottle of wine). I want more of those moments and I want to share more of those stories.

This projected started as a way to celebrate the badass babes who inspire, support, and challenge me to go big. As I started to share their stories, it became clear there were a lot more ladies who had amazing stories to share.

So Women On A Mission was born, because the world needs more of these women's stories and others like them.

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